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Here I share the amazing spiritual journey I began on July 19, 2007. I received the diagnosis of a golf-ball-sized tumor on top of the left parietal lobe (motor functions) of my brain. I had severe symptoms all up and down the right side of my body and had received an MRI scan of my brain. In August 2007, I learned that my diagnosis was a Glioblastoma Multiforme (GBM). This is a common form of fast-growing brain cancer with a challenging prognosis. That's the external story about that moment in time. In the spiritual world I found (actually more like it found me) what I came to call the Fact-Based Spirit-Guided Path, and I began an amazing journey. After October of 2008, I lost the use of my right arm, and in early 2009, my cognitive abilities were struggling, and treatment options ended. My wife, Susanne, then began doing most of the blog postings, with my review and input whenever possible. I continued to apply the Fact-Based Spirit-Guided Path as the adventure continued. My soul then flew to the Kingdom of God on July 1, 2009. Thanks for your interest in my journey. Craig

Susanne's Perspective

During this entire journey, my wife, Susanne, had an entirely different kind of experience. Initially she added comments to some of my posts describing her experience of the moments I discussed and offerred perspectives on our relationship. In the latter stage of this journey, she is writing the blog, as I am no longer able to do so. I am truly delighted that she is doing so. Susanne and I work together as marriage educators/relationship coaches and she has written many books on preparing for and strengthening marriages so you can count on her comments to be insightful and poignant.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Transition from Outward to Inward Focus - March 19, 2008

Family and Friends:

Today was another transitional day in a week of gradual change. Craig shifted from adamantly insisting on continuing to go to Rehab two days a week to wanting to be home. So, today was his last day there with a staff who dearly love him. He noticed how much energy it was taking to go and be there all day and that he now needs to focus his energy inward and at home instead. Both of us shed tears today as we felt the loss of what was and knew that the next stage was arriving. Our services with in-home hospice and caregivers will now increase.

Craig is largely unable to read now, and he asks me each day to read to him of death, dying, and life after death. The Gathering Place has provided us with some wonderful, helpful books. We’ll delve into the Baha’i teachings on the topic as well. It’s a time of beginning to understand and experience what dying can be like. It’s scary, sad, and yet peaceful and hopeful as well…for both of us.

Last night Craig met with someone at The Gathering Place who helps to support those with advanced cancer. Today I met with a social worker from there. We are dealing with a swirl of emotions and changes and appreciating the support.

I’m exhausted…it’s bedtime.

Much love,


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